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Our efforts center around two main goals:

  • supporting refugees to acquire basic needs for a healthy life 

  • empowering their future through removing barriers to education


Living in a refugee camp requires overcoming many challenges to daily life including:

  • food insecurity

  • limited access to medical care

  • scarcity and rationing of water for drinking and cleaning

  • no access to feminine hygiene products. 

Refugee Strong aims to alleviate the burden of these concerns so that communities can focus on their futures and students can focus their energy on furthering their education.

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We strongly believe that education is the most powerful tool to foster a brighter and more hopeful future.  The daily pressures on individuals and families within a refugee camp can often cause many to give up their studies in an effort to support their families.


 Refugee Strong works hard to empower as many students as possible to continue their education.  We want to ensure students have the resources required to learn to their fullest potential and can see a future for themselves where their knowledge is power.

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  • distribute reusable menstrual hygiene kits to high school girls

  • deliver food to families

  • provide clothing to orphaned children

  • provide solar lamps to families 

  • provide medical kits to communities for basic first aid and care

  • fund 1-2 larger medical procedures for more vulnerable individuals

  • construct of the first library in Dadaab

  • provide transportation to and from school for students with disabilities across the three camps

  • provide more Braille machines and books for students with visual impairments 

  • ensure students have textbooks, notebooks, pencils, geometry sets, and desks

  • construct additional latrines so students don't miss lessons due to long lines

  • provide scholarships for students to further their education after high school

We believe no child should be forced to abandon their education due to a lack of resources.


Thank you to all who have already donated to Refugee Strong!

Your donations are what see projects like these to fruition.

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